WP1 - Requirements, Opportunities and Standardization issues

  • Work Package 1 focuses on the state of the art in EPC implementations of large scale networks as well as research activities run by academia funded on national or European level. This analysis brings to the project economical and technological overview in order to provide necessary information and help to achieve scale effect in exploitation activities.

WP2 - Multi-Root ONS: Approaches, Algorithms and Implementations

  • Work Package 2 defines reference architecture to support the operational activities of new large scale networks. Each solution is then implemented, in order to provide the Work Package 3 with test platform on which experimentations are carrying out.

WP3 - Multi-Root ONS: Experimenting the alternative approaches

  • Using the recommendations, specifications and implementations provided by WP1 and WP2, the Work Package 3 includes the experimentation of an “ONS platform” that would be managed on a shared basis, linked to a number of local and possible industries specific ONS.

WP4 - ONS Interaction with Multi Discovery Services

  • The Work Package 4 aims at testing interaction with the multi-root system that is designed in WP2 and WP3 with the Discovery Services. As this component is still not fully normalized, the objective is to understand whether it may impact ONS in its performance and more over its specification. Above all, it gives prominence to ONS as the foundation for bringing value-added services in the open loop model of the supply chain.

WP5 - Dissemination

  • The key objective of this Work Package is to disseminate the knowledge on the project as well as develop the exploitation strategies for the whole consortium and particular partners.

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