* Press Release

La recherche française au coeur de la standardisation de l’Internet du futur(French version)

French research leads the way in standardizing the internet of the future(English version)

WINGS partners, November 2011

* Articles for the general public

L’Internet des objets: concept ou réalité ?

Mathieu Weill and Mohsen Souissi (AFNIC)
Published in Réalités industrielles, Annales des Mines, November 2010

* Scientific Papers

Nicolas Pauvre, Jacques Madelaine, Jérôme Le Moulec, and Adrien Laurence Augmented Traceability with Internet of Things : A Demonstrator for Seafood Supply Chains

'The Impact of Virtual, Remote and Real Logistics Labs (ImViReLL'12) in the 3rd International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2012). Proceedings: Dieter Uckelmann et al. (Eds.)- ImViReLL 2012, Communications in Computer and Information Science series 282, pp. 113--121. Springer, Heidelberg (2012), February 2012, Bremen, Germany"

Imagine seafood supply chains where products tell you when and where they have been caught. Through graphical interfaces and applications running in live mode, the demonstrator presents a standard-based traceability system for seafood supply chains that increases business benefits and enhances consumer experience.

Roberto Quilez, Nathalie Mitton, Marcelo Dias de Amorim and Nicolas Pauvre, Prototyping a Multi-Root ONS

'WCNC 2012 Workshop on Internet of Things Enabling Technologies, Embracing Machine-to-Machine Communications and Beyond (IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2012), April 2012, Paris, France"

The Object Naming System (ONS) is a central lookup service used in the EPCglobal network for retrieving location information about a specific Electronic Product Code (EPC). This centralized solution lacks scalability and fault tolerance and encounters some political issues. We present the design principles of a fully-distributed multi-root solution for ONS lookup service. In distributed systems, the problem of providing a scalable location service requires a dynamic mechanism to associate identification and location. We design, prototype, and evaluate PRONS, a solution based in a distributed hash table (DHT) for the multi-root problem. We show that PRONS achieves significant performance levels while respecting a number of neutrality requirements.

Sandoche Balakrichenan, Antonio Kin-Foo and Mohsen Souissi (AFNIC), Experimental Evaluation of a Proposed Federated Object Naming Service Architecture

Internet of Things 2011 Conference, October 2011, Dalian, China

This article presents the FONS architecture with multiple ONS Peer Roots. This architecture is functionally evaluated in an experimental platform developed and implemented by us. The objective of this platform is to design, develop and evaluate technical solutions for managing the ONS in a completely decentralized fashion (Federated model). The test run demonstrates Co-operation between multiple ONS peer roots to access the servers containing the appropriate information. The experiments done in this platform has enabled us to provide feedback to the ONS standardization committee which is in the process of revising the current ONS standard to include F-ONS capabilities. Finally we explain how it is possible to use the implemented F-ONS platform for legacy object identification systems other than EPCglobal standards.

Adrien Laurence, Jérôme Le Moulec, Jacques Madelaine (GREYC) and Ivan Bedini (Orange), Experiments of Discovery Services Interconnection

4th International Workshop on RFID Technology - Concepts, Applications, Challenges - IWRT 2010. June 2010, Madeira, Portugal

This article presents the experiments of a solution for distributed discovery services and its impact on the overall EPCglobal architecture in terms of performance issues. These experiments are conducted on the Internet of Things Application (IoTA) platform developed by the authors. The results of the first tests run on the IoTA platform are also presented.

Nicolas Pauvre (GS1 France), Towards a Federated Architecture for Future Supply Chains Systems

1st International Future Enterprise Systems Workshop, September 2010, Berlin, Germany

This article starts with an introduction to the Object Naming Service (ONS) and explains how it one of the important elements of the EPCglobal standards. It further explains the objective of the WINGS project, which is to design, develop and evaluate technical solutions for managing the ONS in a completely decentralized fashion interacting and also how this project could contribute to the standards development process..

Sandoche Balakrichenan, Antonio Kin-Foo and Mohsen Souissi (AFNIC), Federated ONS Architecture for the Internet of Things - A Functional Evaluation

Internet of Things 2010 Conference, November 2010, Tokyo, Japan

This article presents Federated ONS (F-ONS) architecture on a DNS basis. The presented architecture is evaluated in a platform developed by the authors. The different experiments conducted on the platform show that platform satisfies the requirements put in by the ONS requirements ad hoc committee.

* Thesis

Internet des objets, auto-organisation et passage à l'échelle

Nathalie Mitton, Mémoire HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches), May 2011
Université de Lille 1

Passage à l'échelle des intergiciels RFID pour l'informatique diffuse

Loic Schmidt, Thèse de Doctorat, December 2010
Université de Lille 1

*Slide Deck

ONS fédéré - Plateforme expérimentale Attach:demo-AFNIC.pdf
Slideware demonstration AFNIC, March 2010

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