# European ONS Root
535:GS1 Malta:ons-peer.eu
300:GS1 France:ons-peer.eu
379:GS1 France:ons-peer.eu
378:GS1 France:ons-peer.eu
377:GS1 France:ons-peer.eu

# American ONS Root
099:GS1 US:ons-peer.com
137:GS1 US:ons-peer.com
138:GS1 US:ons-peer.com
139:GS1 US:ons-peer.com
750:GS1 Mexico:ons-peer.com
755:GS1 Peru:ons-peer.com

# Asian ONS Root
450:GS1 Japan:ons-peer.asia
451:GS1 Japan:ons-peer.asia
690:GS1 China:ons-peer.asia
693:GS1 China:ons-peer.asia
694:GS1 China:ons-peer.asia
695:GS1 China:ons-peer.asia

# New African ONS Root
601:GS1 South Africa:ons-peer-africa.gennic.net

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